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Who are we?

Pompe Media inc. is the first company in Canada specializing in high-end digital marketing for gas stations and convenience stores.

Established in 2014, Pompe Media inc. has developed unique technological innovation in Canada by successfully creating and installing digital displays with sound on fuel dispensers while improving the shopping experience in gas stations and convenience stores.

We offer a turnkey solution to our clients using unique technological tools and specialized know-how in order to help them maximize their revenues.

Our Commitment

Our company is proud to be an active participant in Canada’s energy transition by helping gas stations build “the gas station of tomorrow”.

With our displays on fuel dispensers, we are already participating in the elimination of the current cardboard and plastic pump covers, thereby reducing the environmental footprint of gas stations.

We are already actively preparing the “responsible digital marketing of tomorrow” using various technological innovations such as our upcoming electric vehicle charging stations with built-in displays in order to better serve our business partners.

We are committed to always offering our gas station and convenience store partners powerful digital tools to better serve their customers, therefore becoming their digital marketing “ally” by providing them with exclusive services to improve their customer experience.

1000+ displays
100+ gas station
200+ convenience stores
175 000+ visitors per day

Gas Stations

Are you a gas station owner looking to increase your sales?

You’re in the right place!

We provide you with the opportunity to enhance customer experience while increasing revenue. Our digital consoles are designed to create a unique atmosphere and to add a “wow” factor to any gas station.

Diversified content for maximum impact!Research shows that when captive customers are exposed to point-of-sale advertising, it triggers their interest in purchasing the products in question. With this vector, we are able to influence more customers to step inside your stores when they visit your gas stations.



• 60% do not enter your store
• Stand out from the crowd


• Boost promotion visibility
• Boost product visibility


• Improve
• Entertain
• Build loyalty


↑ Social responsibility
↓ Costs

Retailers Convenience Stores

Are you a convenience store owner looking to increase your sales? You’re in the right place! Strategically placed inside the convenience store, our interior displays and our single or double-sided window displays ensure great visibility and all the flexibility of digital technology. Our entertaining content (weather, news, sports, etc.) and its broadcasting in optimal formats will attract your customer’s attention and encourage them to keep their eyes on the screens for maximum visibility of your ads.

Our Network

Thanks to our innovative product line that really captures the attention of the consumer, our network is rapidly expanding throughout Québec, Ontario and other provinces to come. We prioritize large urban centers just as much as smaller regional towns because supporting the local economy is part of our “DNA”.



of consumers notice Pompe Media products


of our partners (gas stations and convenience stores) feel that Pompe Media had a positive impact on their sales


of our partners (gas stations and convenience stores) feel that their customers’ shopping experiences improved thanks to Pompe Media


of our partners (gas stations and convenience stores) believe that the non-advertising content broadcast by Pompe Media is of high quality, complete and sufficiently broadcast


of our partners (gas stations and convenience stores) would recommend Pompe Media to any gas station owner and/or convenience store


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